Priorities: Keeping the site up, listening and adding new features.

March 15, 2013 @feedly

More than 500,000 Google Reader users have joined the feedly community over the last 48 hours. We love passionate readers. Welcome on board.

Our main priorities over the next 30 days are 1) to keep the service up, 2) listen to new users for suggestions and 3) add features weekly.

To keep the service up, we 10x our bandwidth and added new servers.

For new features, we are listening actively to our new uservoice forum and will be pushing out new releases on a weekly basis. Be vocal: we love candid feedback.

Note 1: Here are some tips on how to make feedly less pretty and more functional.

Note 2: If you are a Google Reader, give feedly a try before July 1st, and you will be able to migrate seamlesly:
Feedly for iOS
Feedly for Android
Feedly for Chrome
Feedly for Firefox
Feedly for Safari

Note 3: thanks for making feedly the #1 application on the Apple Store!

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