Leo and Summarization

December 16, 2019 Edwin K

Reading through a large number of articles every day can be time-consuming, especially if those articles are long.

Helping you save time is a problem we are very passionate about, so we are excited to release today a new Leo skill called Summarization.

We have taught Leo to read and summarize the articles in your feeds so that you can more efficiently scan through articles and determine which ones are relevant.


Leo automatically reads all the articles in your feeds and summarizes them.

Articles lists showcase those Leo summaries as articles descriptions.

Leo summaries in article lists

When you open an article, Leo also highlights the key sentences which are part of the summary. The goal is to help you get to the key insights more efficiently.

Leo reads and highlights the most important sentences

Board newsletters and slack integration also take advantage of the Leo summaries for the article descriptions.

Available Now

The Leo Summarization skill is available now to all users in the Pro+ and Business plans.

If you prefer not to see the blue highlights, you can turn them off via the Leo Summary Highlights preference.

If you have feedback about the Leo Summarization skill, you are welcome to join the Feedly Lab slack channel and discuss it with the product team.

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