Experiment 03 — Access all your feeds, boards, and sources

July 25, 2018 Edwin K

We are very grateful for the feedback, ideas, and bugs reported by the Lab community. Thank you for your participation.

In Experience 03, we started to integrate some of your suggestions.

You can now open the left selector and access your feeds, boards, and sources. We hope that this will help us get more refined feedback on paged scrolling versus normal smooth scrolling.

We also morphed title-only into 2 views: compact and text-only. We hope that people who were asking for more density will enjoy the new compact view.

Finally, if an article has a high engagement on Feedly or social media, we brought back the engagement count indicator so that you can quickly spot which pieces of content are going viral.

Three questions for the community:

Question 1. What do you think of the new compact view? Is it dense enough?

Question 2. What do you think of the new open and close animation? This animation was designed so that when you close an article, it is easier to get a sense of where you are on the list and you can easily go back to reviewing the list. Do we deliver on that goal?

Question 3. Does the Lab app load as quickly as the main app for you? Are you satisfied with the initial load time?

Looking forward to your input on channel Experience 03 of the Feedly Lab Slack.

-Edwin, Emily, and Petr

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