Experiment 01 — Smooth Scrolling

July 10, 2018 Edwin K

The first experiment of the Mobile+AI Lab is around the scrolling experience in the mobile app.

The main purpose of the Feedly mobile app is to allow you to quickly skim through 50 to 100 articles, pick and read 3 to 10 of them, and share or save the most interesting ones.

How easily and naturally you skim through articles is the most important part of the experience.

In the existing Feedly mobile app, we have a paged scrolling experience — mainly for performance reasons.

Given that we are starting the new Feedly mobile application from scratch, we thought that it would be interesting to explore a smooth scrolling experience and see if it makes skimming through 50 to 100 articles more seamless and effortless.

Questions for the Lab participants:

Question 1. Download the Feedly Lab iOS app and log into your Feedly account. Scroll through your Today stream, and then let us know if the new scrolling experience feels better than the current paged scrolling.

Question 2. On average, how many articles can you scroll through before your eyes get tired?

Looking forward to talking more about this in the Lab Slack channel! Catch up with past experiments here.


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