An awesome skin: list view with full width support

March 23, 2013 @feedly

Amazed by people’s creativity. Thank you Lockal. Here is a user script to make feedly more useful for people who need a list view with full width.

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 11.15.31 AM

You can get this userscripts from:

What it does:

  • Makes layout a little more compact, less free space
  • Full width of screen to display more content
  • Grey colour title for read article when it is opened
  • Mark categories with unread articles with bold
  • Favicons are always shown
  • Some visual fixes (e. g. misplaced images and youtube videos in RSS feeds)
  • Arial Font to make webpages more responsive
  • “shift+a” marks all as read

On Feedly need to use the ‘Modern Gray’ Theme and ‘Titles’ View.

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